Elsa Fan is a Vancouver Professional Photographer working out of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  She specializes in engagement and wedding photography for your special occasion.

Elsa enjoys taking portraits and traditional wedding photos but she finds that the best photos are not posed.  They are the ones which are captured when the people are most relaxed and enjoying the special moment in their life -- these smiles captured are always the brightest.

No modern technology can replace the feelings captured in a photo.  She does post-processing on all of her photos but her style tends to keep the original color and effects.

She prefers to meet her clients before the photo session to give her a chance to know you better and also for you to know her.  Always giving her full attention to you during the session, and to your photos during editing, she sees every photos as a piece of art. Photography is where her passion is and she enjoys every aspect of it.


For Elsa, a perfect photo is not just about framing and lighting -- it is one which can capture the moments of a perfect day and the emotions of the people who lived it.

That is timeless...