Vancouver Boudoir Photography



Why should I be doing boudoir photography?

There are many reasons why you will want to have boudoir photography.

  • It is a fun bridal shower event to pamper your girl friends and yourself  to have a day of boudoir photography session. Let Rachel and myself make you all feel pretty and sexy. Let me know if you want to know more about organizing a boudoir bridal shower event!!
  • Are you getting marry soon?  And would want to surprise your future husband with some sexy photos?
  • Have you recently undergone some physical changes and would like to capture it for your own collection?
  • And who needs a reason for boudoir photography!!

What should I wear for the boudoir session?

Not sure what to wear for the boudoir session. Below are some helpful tips about what to bring to the session:

  • Mix and match. Bring different colors of bra, underwear and lingerie.
  • Classic Corset. Fredericks of Hollywood offers reasonably priced corset.
  • High heels. Stiletto heel shoes looks best on photos!!
  • Shirt. Bring your partner dress shirt or your own cute colorful shirt.
  • Accessories. Hats. Earrings. Bracelet. Necklace. Bring them on.
  • Skinny Jeans. You’ll be amazed by how sexy jeans can make you look.
  • Strappy stocking. Thigh high strappy stocking is my favorite! Fredericks of Hollywood carries many different styles.

You can buy new pieces for the boudoir photography or bring your daily items over. White bed sheets give the boudoir photo a clean crisp look.

Is makeup and hair styling included?

Yes!!! Please only apply a light layer of facial moisturizer and no makeup when you are heading over to the photo session.

Should I get a nice tan before the session?

You would want to avoid having tan lines for the photo session so I usually recommend my clients not to have a tanning session approximately 2-3 weeks before the photo session.