Dana + Alex Wedding

Deer Lake | Vancouver Wedding Photography

Congratulations to both Dana and Alex! Such a lovely wedding at Deer Lake Park in Burnaby! 🙂


Margaret + Henry Wedding

Aquarium | Vancouver Wedding Photography

I am so happy to be part of Margaret and Henry wedding on August 1! 🙂 Their wedding guests include the aquarium mascot!! A sneak preview of their wedding photos.


Kaiden Cake Smashing

Vancouver | Cake Smashing Photography

Happy 1st Birthday to Kaiden!! I really love the cake top banner Kay custom made for him! Too much cake maybe!?!? 🙂


Carolyn + De Wet Wedding

Vandusen Botanical Garden | Vancouver Wedding Photography

Congratulations to both Carolyn and De Wet! It is really lovely to hear the story about how they met in high school and started dating. I can see how much their families and friends love this sweet couple! Quite an … Continued


Sara + Mike Wedding

Stanley Park | Vancouver Wedding Photography

Congratulations to both Sara and Mike!! Lovely wedding at Ferguson point Stanley Park! 🙂


Gloria + Colin Family

Stanley Park | Vancouver Family Photography

I have known Gloria and Colin back when I used to live in Ottawa. So happy that they reached out to me and asked me to take their family photos in Vancouver! What a lovely family! 🙂


Allie + James Baby

Vancouver | Vancouver Newborn Photography

I took the wedding of Allie and James last year and I am so excited when they asked me to take the photos of their newborn son recently! He is such a cutie pie!! 🙂


Lyndsey + Damien Wedding Sneak Preview

Sea Cider | Victoria Wedding Photography

We had a fun wedding day at Victoria sea cider yesterday! Cool couple, nice venue, great family and friends and lovely weather – what more can I ask for! A sneak preview of a few photos! 😀


Sabrina + Mike Family

Granville Island | Vancouver Family Photography

So happy to see Sabrina, Mike and Lilly for their annual family photos!! It is amazing to see how much Lilly has grown in the past few years! Such a cute and joyful girl! 🙂


Baby George

Vancouver | Vancouver Baby Photography

So happy to have a mini baby session with Baby George yesterday morning! He is such a joyful baby!! 🙂